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Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook is one of the autograph collections of hotels known for their individuality. Located in the heart of downtown Birmingham, Alabama, just a short drive from the historic city center, the hotel joins a list of over 85 luxury lifestyle hotels in the United States and Canada recognized as hotels that celebrate individuality. This boutique hotel in Birmingham and Alabama offers exclusive deals inviting guests to enjoy some of its most memorable experiences as the 2017-2018 season of the annual Christmas autograph collection draws to a close. Autographs Collection Hotels is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year by curating one - or more - type of travel experience at over 85 luxury and lifestyle hotels located in some of the world's most sought-after destinations.

Mountain Brook Hotel has a garden - an atmosphere reminiscent of the nearby Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The hotel is one of 11 Kessler Collection hotels with its own unique decorative style, decorated with pieces from the region's history.

Large sculptures flank the walls of the 100-room hotel, which looks like an upscale mountain hut. The spacious bathrooms are decorated with antique glass mirrors framed by antique wood, glass and metal fittings, as well as marble countertops.

When it comes to exploring, guests are put off by the hotel's convenient location, but are more than satisfied with the mountain view from the top of Brookhill and the picturesque view.

Guests can enjoy high-quality amenities such as a private pool, a spa and fitness centre and a spa. Other amenities include a full-service restaurant, bar, gym, pool and poolside lounge, as well as an indoor / outdoor pool.

To ensure that guests are never bored, a full-service restaurant, bar, gym, pool and poolside lounge are within walking distance of the hotel. The surrounding restaurants include a bar and lounge, as well as an indoor / outdoor pool, wellness and fitness centre. All restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and other amenities of Mountain Brook are within walking distance.

The Grand Bohemian Mountain Bach has seven function rooms, including a ballroom that can accommodate up to 649 people. The Deluxe Rooms feature a full-service restaurant, bar, gym, fitness centre and poolside lounge. All rooms have a total area of more than 12,000 square metres. Each suite has a separate living room with pull-out sofas and each luxury suite is equipped with an LCD screen. The King Suite also features a sofa bed with Egyptian linens, and the luxurious suites are equipped with an LCD TV and private bathroom.

Hotel guests can also pamper themselves in the Grand Bohemian's spacious spa area, which features a full-service spa with its own pool, sauna, steam room and saunas. The hotel also offers a 24-hour fitness centre with individually programmed music and fitness equipment, as well as a pool lounge with indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a fitness centre with fitness and cardio equipment. It will also have a 30-seat restaurant, bar, gym, gym and pool lounge serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and a takeaway bag.

Dining options include chef Trenton Tisdale, who has worked at restaurants in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans. Evenings in Birmingham city centre, including El Barrio, where no reservations are accepted, but worth the wait.

Century has stacks of Southern staples like shrimp and grains and delicious fried oysters. Chef Kirk Gilbert's menu features regional and seasonal dishes such as pork ribs, chicken, pork belly, beef, lamb and chicken breast, and chicken and turkey.

Guests at Kessler bathe in the newly defined bohemian luxury of the Bavarian-inspired castle, a state-of-the-art, elite ski lodge in Mountain Brook, Alabama. The hotel has been hand-picked for nothing but hands, for design, cutting-edge technology and the best of both worlds. Inspired by mysticism and unforgettable experiences, it exudes a feeling of newly defined Bohemian luxury, from its exquisite modernist design to its elite ski lodge. Designed to inspire the mystery of an unforgettable mystique, it is the perfect place for a special occasion, such as a wedding.

It is deliberately accessible and visits a variety of historical sites, such as the old town of Mountain Brook, the historic castle and the beautiful mountain range.

Every hotel in the Kessler Collection portfolio strives to provide a unique guest experience, and this is certainly no exception. It is deliberately accessible and visits a variety of historical sites, such as the old town of Mountain Brook, the historic castle and the beautiful mountain range.

You don't have to look further than Mountain Brook to find this mix of hospitality and history. Birmingham is home to the Sidewalk Film Festival, which offers visitors a truly exclusive experience. The hotel is surrounded by Birmingham's bustling city centre, where guests can explore some of the best attractions of the Magic City. There are many accommodation options, including the King Presidential Suites, but you don't have to look far for the best of both worlds as you'll find a mix of luxury, comfort and modern amenities at Kessler Collection Hotels. Located in MountainBrook, guests have access to a variety of shopping and dining options that include a wide selection of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in the downtown area.

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More About Mountain Brook