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It was December 2016, then in its infancy, and Brook Bluff had spent a year figuring out how to be an original band. It had played more than 40 shows in Auburn and New York City, including an appearance at the annual Mountain Brook Music Festival in May of that year. When the festival ended last year, visitors left after seeing incredible music and talent such as Sturgill Simpson, Dixie Chicks, The Grateful Dead and more. To appreciate the band's style, we were fortunate to be invited by members of the National Association of Music Merchants to play with them at their annual festival in September 2015. We had a new bass player in our ranks and we played more shows than any other band in Alabama at that time, including a concert at Auburn's Auburn Music Hall and a concert in New Orleans.

Only Mountain Brook Elementary has not received a Blue Ribbon award from the U.S. Department of Education, according to the school's official website.

Erin Evans holds a bachelor's degree in music from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a master's degree from Alabama A & M University. She is also a board member of Birmingham Music Club and works as a church pianist and children's choir coordinator in several churches around Birmingham. She has also been a juror at the Opera of Birmingham's annual singing competition, where she received the Martha Dick McClung Prize, and studied under the tutelage of opera singer-songwriter and conductor John F. Kennedy Jr.

As well as her membership in the Alabama A & M Music Club and the Birmingham Opera of Birmingham, Erin has been fortunate to travel the world, including the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Mountain Brook is a great place to visit Birmingham, but make the most of your trip and see the local nightlife and look forward to visiting the upcoming local festivals and museums one afternoon. If you are ever in Mountain Brook and want to relax by seeing some of the sights, make sure you make it and take a trip.

Birmingham may have the Lyric Alabama Theatre, but the residents of Mountain Brook can also enjoy some of the great local music venues such as the Birmingham Music Hall of Fame and the Alabama Music Festival. MountainBrook also offers one of the best live music festivals in Alabama, the Mountainbrook Music Fest. Stephen "Alys" Robinson and his band are playing a great show, which is a great mix of blues, jazz, hip hop, country and rock "n" roll.

Service Tech Inc. wants you to stay cool this summer while enjoying your time in Mountain Brook. Those who like to stop and smell the roses can do a lot in and around MountainBrook.

Years of hard work have helped Domino's master the art of chicken wings, the best there is, and since 2011 chicken wings have become marble.

The Birmingham Botanical Garden is a lovely place to spend an afternoon. It is located in the heart of Mountain Brook, just a short drive from Birmingham city centre. Built by the Brookwood Forest Cherokee Band of the Cherokee Tribe of Georgia and the Birmingham Forest Conservancy, Mountainbrook is just 3 miles from downtown Birmingham and looks and feels like a tree - a covered paradise. Several neighborhoods in MountainBrook, including Brookwood Forest and Cherokee, have been known to have homes in a wooded area with horse riding trails.

Although the highway is outside Mountain Brook, there are numerous shopping centers and squares in the area, making it easy to shop in both directions of the city. If you live in Mountainbrook, you can easily travel to Birmingham to shop, eat and entertain.

Some of the best local and regional artists have produced for the Mountain Brook music scene in recent decades, including Dixie Chicks, Dizzy Gillespie and many others. Speaking of MBHS alumnus Matthew Mayfield, who performs songs on popular T-shows, he has built up a huge national following and has also had his music played on T-soundtracks. Dozens of other musicians have also had a major influence on the Alabama music scene in recent decades, including Jeff Mooney, who led the Jeff Johns band in the late 1980s and 1990s, played in a band called Blue Dragons in Asheville, North Carolina, and worked at Ol 'Elegant Studios in Homewood.

The music has also been published in a number of publications, most recently in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Colla Magazine, as well as in other publications.

Dr. Foster teaches music education at Mountain Brook High School and the University of Alabama at Huntsville and Auburn University. He also taught bands at Alabama State University, Alabama University and the Alabama School of Music, and Foster has submitted research to the association. Don Noble's new book is a collection of essays on the history and history of Mountainbrook Music in Alabama and Alabama Music.

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